It has been a long time coming but we are finally on line and I’m very grateful to all those who have contributed along the way and have been instrumental in making it happen.

The site is designed to inform members of up and coming events, Council meeting dates, District personnel and most importantly, to give an insight into our wonderful Order for prospective candidates.

I trust it will be useful to all and I look forward to seeing you in your various Councils throughout the year, as well as at the District meeting in June

Yours sincerely

District Grand Master



Throughout this period of national and international emergency, the well-being and safety of our members has been paramount. This is why the guidance we have issued so far has gone beyond that published by the UK Government and Public Health England.

For our members overseas, our guidance has supplemented that provided by the local Public Health Authorities wherever they live.

As a result of the latest advice given by the UK Prime Minister yesterday, backed by the Chief Medical and Scientific Officers, our existing guidance has been reviewed and updated.

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